Welcome to the African American Family Enrichment Institute where we are cultivating families that will thrive for generations! At the Family Enrichment Institute, we specialize in creating books, seminars, and workshops that address vital needs of the African American family with passionate flair and spirited style. At AAFEI, we are committed to equipping individuals and families with the tools and resources necessary to live happy, healthy, prosperous, and productive lives. We believe that any good thing that you desire for yourself and your family will be achieved in three steps: 

Desire it! Decide it! Do it!

Our organization is enthusiastic about and committed to healing, transforming and ministering to the Black family through:

        • Marriage Education,
        • Financial Literacy,
        • Family Enrichment, and
        • Community Building.

Contact us to facilitate a powerful workshop that addresses the specific needs of your group or organization.  We are here to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to help you grow to the next level!