Seminars & Workshops

Our team specializes in creating workshops and seminars that speak to the vital needs of the African American community in general as well as to the unique needs of your group.  We take you beyond motivation, beyond inspiration, to the point of dedicated ACTION!  We will provoke and help guide you to a higher level of excellence in your marriage, your family life, your finances, your relationships, and your personal self-development.  

Our current projects and presentations include:

  • Black & Write - Black & Write is a 15-minute documentary that gets school-aged children excited about reading and writing. Produced by Destini Scriven (age 11), Faith Scriven (age 9), and Samuel Scriven (age 7), this is a must-see for all schools and churches concerned about the declining literacy rates of African American children and determined to do something about it.


  • State of the Black College Student - Doc Scriven's State of the Black College Student is a 30 minute documentary that explores college graduation rates, loan debt, and skill acquisition through the lens of African American Students. Combined with a 60 minute Lecture/Q&A this event is educational, entertaining, and exciting.


  • Money, Budget, and Credit - This presentation covers the meaning of money, the function of a budget, and how to build a positive relationship with credit.  It can be tailored for children, youth, and adults of any age.


For questions or information about workshops, contact us by clicking the link below.  Together, we can cultivate families that will thrive for generations!



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